Day 3 of the GATE project Israel training

The 3rd day of training (14 March 2023) was active and involved practical movements.

The morning had started with review and analysis of stereotypes of giftedness. For this we reviewed a mash up of various selected movies, for example, “Mona Lisa Smile”, “Gifted”, “Good Will Hunting”, “Billy Elliot”, “Quantum Physics”, etc.

Then we continued with improvisation in movements exercises, which were related to wellbeing in teaching science and what is more… to science itself. It was really amazing!

In between the sessions we had a great chance to visit ongoing lessons where we spoke with gifted pupils.

Afternoon session was about evaluating the gifted pupil’s functional, behavioural and emotional status, as well as about analysing ourselves.

Thank you for our teachers Mrs. Lisa Benjo, Dr. Roni Zohar, Dr. Yehuda Hamovitz.

Thank you for Dr. Ofer Keren and Bracha Zvilich who supported the group a lot during all training days!

We are looking forward for the next day!