Zinev Art Technologies Ltd. provides consultations and training in the following fields:

  • Development, implementation and management of local, regional and international projects. The ZAT team develops and manages projects in various fields: education and training, tourism, culture and art, business application of information and communication technologies, etc. ZAT works in close cooperation with organizations from Bulgaria and Europe: SMEs, municipalities, non-government and non-profit organizations.
  • Vocational training. ZAT is involved in a number of vocational training initiatives for SMEs, unemployed people, people starting their own business. The vocational training ZAT offers covers a wide range of areas: economics, management, ICT, tourism /eco, agro and cultural tourism in particular/.
  • Presentation and promotion of works of art and other cultural products. Popularization of works of art is one of the main activities of ZAT. ZAT created one of the biggest web-based art galleries in Bulgaria, which is integrated also in one of the world most popular art portals YESSY. The gallery present art works from different genres – painting, graphics, woodcarving, tapestry, icon – painting, etc.
  • Intellectual property. Working with products of human intellect and talent ZAT highly appreciates their value. The consultancy ZAT provides in this field aims at helping the interested parties to protect their intellectual products and profit from them. ZAT provides consulting with regard to legal protection of intellectual property – software, works of art, inventions, trademarks, designs, etc., as well as consulting with regard to intellectual products development and market realization.

For the purpose of organizing trainings on the above listed topics, privately financed or supported by the European Social fund, do not hesitate to contact us.