Day 1 of the GATE project Israel training

The 2nd round of the GATE Erasmus+ project training started on 12 March 2023 in Rishon LeZion, Israel. Teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria together with the local team in Israel spent a very productive Sunday together. The representatives of ZAT, Bulgaria were Polly Nikolova from 68th school in Sofia and Gary Rowlands – educator of gifted children in the Steampowered Kids, Sofia.

After saying hello and meeting managers from the Municipality of Rishon LeZion we continued our trip to Igal Alon high school where we discussed about challenges and oportunities teaching gifted pupils.

It was great to hear insights from teachers who educate gifted pupils and also to have conversation with children.

Here are some thoughts and ideas, which the participants learned about gifted kids education:

“Teachers are important not for knowledge, but they (students) need us in order to see and understand how the learning process could be involving and interesting” – the role to encourage them, to motivate them (the students) to seek for deeper knowledge, to learn how to find information (to formulate questions correctly to get it).

“When a person works/studies in a team he/she has to have responsibility for every member (of the group), including him/herself”

“Gifted pupils are recognized as gifted not because of their excelent academic results, but of their willingness to learn, to seek knowledge, answers, and what is more: because of their unique approach to learning”.

In the afternoon we had role playing and discussions moderated by Bracha and Yehuda. It was so interesting and at the same time challenging.

We will share our knowledge gained here during the training for teachers in our countries. Invitations to trainings will be anounced this spring.

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