Day 2 of the GATE project Israel training

Creativity development and social emotional learning topics where raised, discussed and experienced on March 13th (second training day) during the GATE Erasmus+ project training.

The group started the day with an excursion in Ron Vardi centre and Schwartz-Reisman centre full of encouraging ideas, STEAM focus points, labs and a conference hall where we

had a chance to take a look at a lesson in physics.

After brunch we had teachers’ panel on the image of the gifted pupil at the Q2 (i.e. 2025-2050) of the 21st century and at the same time framing the Q2 teacher who teaches advanced and talented. Some of the topics discussed were:

What will you ask in a job interview?

Is it good or not to break the frames?

What are the skills of G.T. needed?

Could you trust “X-ray” or should you give a task to do and see the result?

Why the level of personal engagement matters a lot?

Does change hurt?

What triggers the gifted child?

What is the safe environment for you?

And many other questions were discussed.

After lunch we had creativity session. It was great!

Each game is a communication between people, which teaches us a lot.

The training day ended with an analysis of SEL and its importance for the gifted child, parents, teachers.

After all the sessions the group had great reflections.

THANK YOU for to the teachers Michal Keren, Tali Lacks-Zur and guest teachers today who shared their knowledge and experience!

Thank you for Dr. Ofer Keren and Bracha Zvilich who are always with us and make great support and review of the day!