Day 5 of the GATE project Israel training

The GATE training week ended on 16 March 2023. The time went very productive and the group enjoyed it and all its members were fully involved into motivating activities and improved their knowledge.

The 5th day was focused on topics such as:

“Thinking Hats” around the challenges of teaching gifted pupils, lecture provided by Yaara Benitzhak.

“Pisg’a” centrer as a hub for nurturing educational excellence. Its essence was explained by Iris Isenberg.

Teaching “makers” and art in gifted surrounding by Adi Ritter.

After lunch participants had Teachers’ panel – evolving from the classic teacher to the gifted one. Session was guided by Ron Vardi teachers and guest teachers Michal Mor, the Gifted Wing At the Ministry of Education.

The experience gained will stay in the participants’ brains, minds and bodies and will be shared with others for the purpose of expanding the community of teachers who will be capable to bring up a wider community of educated gifted pupils.

The project team highly appreciates the lectures Ron Vardi and guest Teachers gave us, the experience they shared and the training week they organized.

The team’s professionalism and ability to motivate teachers will lead to a significant increase in teachers’ productivity and to expanding the educational area towards working with gifted children.

The training and the entire GATE project give us inspiration and motivation for future activities!

More about the project and its results: