Day 4 of the GATE project Israel training

The 4th training day (15 March 2023) had started with Robinson Crusoe in the 21st century and the activity was related to the teacher as a developer of learning materials based on variables and uncertainty.

Our lecturers Nava Ogen and Shiri Lev-Ari guided the group and reviewed how we solve the challenges. After all we had “Robinson Crusoe” in action while exploring various classes and speaking with 5th grade pupils and teachers about their projects and their development process, motivating points, challenges, ideas they propose to solve them.

In the afternoon session we had guest lecture and member of the Ministry of Education Mr. A. Sadovsky who shared knowledge and experience on the very relevant topic “Liberating teaching – demanding teaching in a gifted environment”.

The group agreed and discussed together that “Education is a Big Dance”, both teacher and student have to learn and improve their steps if they wish to dance well, in a synchronized and nice manner as a couple. They have to cooperate at many steps.

We had the Head of Education of the Municipality of Rishon LeZion – Mrs. Ety Adar – who joined our discussion and emphasized that improvement in education could be achieved when there is trust between the teacher and the principal or the programme coordinator and when the teacher has autonomy in their work and is free to realize ideas with students while educating them. Thank you to the team members who are a constant support for the group and the process: Mr. Ofer, Mrs. Bracha, Mr. Yehuda. Thank you for guiding us in this way full of knowledge!